Quality Business Cards


At SwiftColour we don’t just do quality canvas prints, we also produce online business cards perfect for self promotion. At SwiftColour, you will find some of the best designs available online that you can personally customize with your details. Designed by our fully trained staff, everyone can now have their own custom cards designed perfectly to suit them.

Business cards are one of our specialties and are printed on the highest quality paper to help you present the best image possible for your company. All our business card prints benefit from litho graphic printing. One major advantage of the lithography is that the soft rubber surface of the blanket creates a clear impression on a wide variety of paper surfaces and materials. Lithography printing is easily recognized by its smooth print, as well as by the lack of any impression or ring of ink or serrated edges that are characteristic of letterpress or gravure printing.

Business cards that look presentable can make a big difference. A nice business card in inviting colors makes it much more likely to be noticed in a wallet full of cards. If you have ever been to a sales meeting, I am sure you can agree. We all pass business cards out, but how many do we actually take notice of? A personalized business card will give you that little edge over your many rival companies. It also shows that you are a person who is persistent and creative.

If you wish to use your own image or logo on your business card print then just bring it into our shop (SwiftColour Gloucester) or you can send us via an email. If you’re bringing in any image you can either use a CD or a portable media device. Once a member of our skilled team has your image we can go about creating your bespoke business card. All our business cards are available in variety of finishes.


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