Sourcing Begins

I started my search with a quick googling session. Searching for b2b sites. Of course alibaba and aliexpress where amoung the first links.

Having spent 3 or 4 hours browsing the various companies offering “high quality” and “full capacity” micro sd hards I started to get the feeling that everyone was offering exactly the same product. But decided small trial and error was the best way to find a good supplier.

Aliexpress, works in much the same way as ebay. Giving sellers a rating. Allbeit an extremely tailored rating.

From what I found sellers seem able to hide or delete customer reviews. How true this is I dont know and I doubt aliexpress staff with comment. But the evidence is plain to see. Just take a look at the below;

The seller in question has a relatively high rating “95.7%”. Great. But look closer. She has only 23 feed backs from the past 6 months. But 181 transactions for this product and upon closer inspection of buyer feedback for her product you can see she has sold many more than 23 in the past 6 months. Which makes me question the validity of the ranking system.

Nevertheless, this is all in hidesight of my reccent dealings. Wish I had noticed this prior to buying my cards from the above seller.

Needless to say the cards I bought were advertised aas 16gb but struggled to hold more than 1gb before corrupting all data. But…… and it is a good but. I filed a complaint with the seller and directly with aliexpress and received more than 50% of money back within hours of filing the complaint and the to be fair to the seller the postage was amazing and she was fast to communicate.

My personal interactions with this seller and product only served to solidfy hints of a biased rating system. Afterall if I had been sold a second rate fraudulant product, then how many other people has this seller conned and where have their negative reviews gone.

I was roped into buying these cards under the impression the sellers goods as described by reviews were/are “top quality”. Perhaps I was unlucky. But even if that was the case it only goes to prove the seller does not have access to a supplier of consistant quality.

After this I wrote off alibaba and aliexpress. Afterall, I was being careful and ended up picking a seller that was highly ranked via their ebay style review system. I suppose I could have chosen a gold star seller. But gold stars only represent sellers that have enough money to buy a higher ranking. Possibly due to selling more scam cards. Eitherway, gold stars do not ensure a good quality product.

Next I moved onto deeper research into b2b scams and background history and news of the b2b industry, in an attempt to weed out fraud riddled sites.


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