The following is an email sent to and few of their less trustworthy sellers.

I am sure you must get hundreds of similar emails on a daily basis with regards to fake products and fraudulent companies.
I have been searching b2b sites for honest and trustworthy sellers and manufactures of sd and micro sdhc cards. Needless to say I have hit a brick wall. Every site including your own is writhe with fraudulent companies selling fake goods and whats worse faking their company certificates and you allow them to post fakes, leading to honest buyers being mislead and cheated.
Case in point;

Shenzhen ZhengLiXing Technology Co.Ltd

This company has posted viewable scans of “their” ISO 9001:2000 certificate. It is a clear fake. I show you what I mean;
Below is the copy of the certificate. It looks fine at first glance, but something doesn’t look quite right. The company’s name is too clear compared to the rest of the text. On closer inspection we see why. The company has photo-shopped the scan. Zooming in you can see the circled red text is a little blurred whereas the company name and address are far clearer. This is just one company I have found to be cheating like this is an attempt to gain consumer confidence.
This is by far not the worse case of an obvious fake certificate. But it is one of the highest trust listed companies on your site.

ShenZhen Aterlin Electronics Limited

This is probably the worse fake I have seen to date. Even at first glance the scan looks wrong. The company name has clearly been added and the address. How could you let this fake through. There are clearly no quality checks in place for allowing companies to post certificate scans. I could knock together a certificate in a matter of 5 minutes that would look good enough to fool your average buyer. We the buyer are relying on you to weed out these frauds and you obviously don’t.
Shortly after finding this fake scan I found something even more damning;
Look familiar, perhaps too familiar. Well it should. It is the EXACT same certificate as the above example. Perhaps we should play a little game;
So what plans are in place to fix this obvious fakes and cheats???? I am guessing none. Which is exactly why I will be posting this on a HUGE number of forums and sending it to a number of media groups. I am sick and tired of cheats. I am trying to earn an honest buck and I do not want to cheat anyone but time and time again myself and others are swindled.
Oh and this will also be emailed to the offending companies. and just in case they retract their scans I have saved them all for future reference.
————————————————————Email Over ————————————————————————

If they ever respond I will post the reply


Trust Your Gut.

Obviously the best course of action when looking to import goods from a company in china or anywhere would be to ring the company and check the given numbers are real. Send written post to listed addresses. Visit the seller where possible. Basically dig and dig until there is no doubt in your mind. Then dig some more and google your heart out.


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